At CyberCXO, Cyber Security is in our DNA and we believe every IT solution must take security into account. Cyber security is not a tactic. It’s a strategy that requires careful planning, commitment, execution and on-going testing. Our Cyber security group focuses on all aspects of the security life-cycle and can provide assistance with any or all aspects of the process.

  • Policy Development and Training – a sound security strategy begins with policies that have been developed, communicated, and put into action. CyberCXO will help define the policies needed, develop the policies, and implement these policies. Once the policies are defined, we provide security awareness training to communicate the policies to staff members.
  • Managed Security Services – Organizations are often bombarded with security data. CyberCXO provides Security Driven Analytics to identify real security threats and provide actionable alerts.
  • Vulnerability Assessments – CyberCXO provides both point-in-time vulnerability assessments as well as on-going vulnerability scanning as a service. Our security team will provide actionable vulnerability reports detailing the vulnerability, the risk to the organization, and the remediation steps.
  • Log Monitoring – A Security Information and Event Management Solution (SIEM) is essential for correlating events across the infrastructure. CyberCXO provides a remote SIEM solution that reduces the cost of log monitoring, as well as the resources required to monitor and manage it.
  • GRC Services – CyberCXO helps organizations sift through the complex world of cyber security compliance to facilitate the building of a robust and cyber security compliance program.
  • Penetration Testing – Going beyond the identification of a vulnerability, our ethical penetration testing group will deep dive and exploit vulnerabilities to determine the true risk to the organization. Penetration testing focuses on attack targets and vectors specific to each client.
  • Incident Response – CyberCXO provides incident response (IR) services for organizations that may have experienced a breach. Our IR service will identify the likelihood of a breach, the attack vector that was used for the breach, and perform any data forensics that may be used in future litigation.

You can count on CyberCXO for all your cyber security needs. Simply complete our contact form to begin.