Staff Augmentation (Experts-As-A-Service)

Our CyberCXO staff augmentation services, or Experts-as-a-Service service, helps organizations with project spikes, gaps in skill-sets, and helps fill any voids in resources.

  • CXO Advisor – technical CXO advisors including CIO’s, CTO’s, and CSO’s. Our CXO advisory services provide the opportunity for organizations to leverage C-Level experts at a fraction of the cost of a full time CXO. Organizations often leverage our CXO advisor services for short term, long term, and teaming projects.
  • Infrastructure Experts – CyberCXO provides short term and long term staff augmentation resources for various infrastructure projects such as data center expertise, wireless expertise, vendor specific expertise, and other infrastructure skill-sets.
  • Security Experts – CyberCXO will fill gaps in Cyber Security. Our cyber security experts help organizations fill gaps in resources, skill-sets, or specific areas of expertise.
  • Data Center Experts – Our Data Center experts have extensive experience in data center design and management. These individuals have extensive experience in multiple technologies and disciplines.
  • Project Management Experts – CyberCXO provides both short term and long term project management experts.

Need experienced resources for a project or to fill a gap? Simply complete our contact form and tell us your need.